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If there’s one thing White Lotus season 2 nailed, it is that Sicily, Italy, is absolutely gorgeous. The luxurious villas, exciting nightlife, beautiful art and stunning beaches featured in the series are all real places that you can visit! There is so much to Sicily outside of the resort life as well, so keep reading for all of our recommendations of what to do in Sicily!

Here is a ten day itinerary for your trip to Sicily, including a whole bunch of places seen in White Lotus (minus the murder mystery):

Days 1-3: Taormina 

Your first stop is the luxurious San Domenico Palace, a 5-star hotel located in a former 15th-century monastery with stunning views of the Bay of Taormina. This hotel was featured as the White Lotus Hotel in the show, and it is just as beautiful in person as it is on TV!

You can absolutely spend your days here lounging by the pool under an iconic blue and white umbrella and enjoying the beautiful views from the terrace, but make sure to explore the rest of Taormina as well!

Take a private guided tour of Taormina’s ancient Greek theater, stroll the picturesque Corso Umberto shopping street and enjoy the view from the scenic viewpoint of Belvedere di Taormina. Although all the White Lotus guests ate at the resort restaurant, Taormina’s food scene features multiple Michelin-starred restaurants known for their fresh seafood and Sicilian cuisine.

Days 4-5: Cefalù 

Although the hotel from White Lotus is real, the beach scenes that were supposedly at the hotel were actually filmed in another famous Sicilian spot, Cefalù Beach. About 2.5 hours north of Taormina, this amazing beach town is known for its bright white sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs and many fascinating ancient temples.

Stay at the luxurious Grand Hotel Timeo, located in the heart of Cefalù and overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Enjoy a private beach cabana at Cefalù Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. Visit the stunning Cathedral of Cefalù, an impressive example of Norman architecture, and explore the charming old town with its winding streets and colorful houses. Take a cooking class with a local chef to learn how to make traditional Sicilian dishes.

Days 6-7: Agrigento 

From Cefalú, travel south to the opposite side of the island (under two hours drive) to idyllic Agrigento. Stay at the exclusive Villa Athena, a luxury hotel set in a restored 18th-century villa and located just steps away from the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Take a private tour of the Valley of the Temples, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Sicily, with an expert guide. Then, visit the stunning Scala dei Turchi, a white limestone cliff that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and take a private boat tour of the coastline.

Days 8-9: Palermo 

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, and a must to visit on your trip. Stay at the opulent Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, a historic hotel that has hosted royalty, celebrities and heads of state since 1900. Explore the city’s rich history with a private guided tour of the Palermo Cathedral, the Quattro Canti and the Norman Palace.

Visit the charming local markets, such as the Ballarò Market or the Vucciria Market, to sample traditional Sicilian street food. Enjoy a private cooking class with a local chef, followed by a gourmet dinner.

While you’re in Palermo, be sure to visit the Villa Tasca, the getaway that Megann Fahy and Aubrey Plaza’s characters take to get away from (and get back at) their husbands. You can even stay here as an Airbnb, for around $6,000 per night.

Day 10: Fiumefreddo 

Last but not least, venture into the Sicilian country to Fiumefreddo. This is the location of the Castello degli Schiavi, which was used as a filming location in “The Godfather” movies. The White Lotus also filmed here, and used the prevalence of the Italian mob in Sicily to further the storyline.

Take a private tour of the nearby vineyards and wineries, such as the Murgo Winery or the Gambino Winery, and sample some of the best wines of Sicily. Enjoy a farewell dinner at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, overlooking the castle’s lush gardens.

A perfect itinerary for your trip to Sicily! Your vacation will be just like the silver screen.

If you’ve decided what you want to experience on your White Lotus Vacation trip, our expert travel advisors are here to help you organize it! Contact us today!



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