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Get to Know Our Dedicated Travel Experts

Our travel experts have lived and traveled all over the world. The travel agents below are unique in their dedication to the travel industry and their perpetual pursuit of education to better serve their clients. We train weekly as a group to make sure we’re staying on top of the latest travel trends and curate close connections to the tourism boards around the world. We have boots on the ground support when needed and focus on making sure our clients every wish is granted throughout their travel experiences! 

A Truly Global Travel Agency

As a global luxury travel agency with travel agents in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we love planning completely unique vacations for each of our clients. Because of our partnerships with tourism boards, hotels, and tour operators around the world, our clients have access to amazing complimentary upgrades and perks that are usually only reserved for those frequent flyers!

Importance of Expert Travel Advice

You will often only visit a country once or twice in your lifetime. However, our expert travel agents plan trips to the most popular destinations several times a week. We take classes which help us curate unique experiences and understand how make logistics as smooth as possible for our clients. Travel can be tough and things go wrong. Our experts shine when it comes to helping you get your trip back on track without missing a beat. Never travel without a Travel Byrd in your back pocket! 

Our Executive Staff

Our Executive Staff supports our expert travel agents through a variety of functions. They were put in place for coaching and support to make sure the toughest travel challenges are quickly addressed and we all keep our clients best interest at the forefront of our work. We are the premier travel agency because we focus on making sure our advisors are supported in their efforts and love their work. Happy travel agents make even happier clients! 

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Byrd Bergeron

CEO and Extreme Vacation Enthusiast
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A man, identified as one of the travel experts, with neatly combed hair wearing a blue-patterned shirt standing in front of a leafy background.

Dominic Endozo

Director of Global Operations
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Woman smiling in a denim jacket standing in front of a pink brick wall.

Tiffani Emery

Director of Sales
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Our Sr. Travel Advisors

Our Sr Travel Advisors have tenure within the industry and have excelled in their sales throughout the years. These travel advisors have put in the time to learn the unique skills to impress their clients along the way. We appreciate all they bring to the team and are grateful to have their skills as part of The Travel Byrds family.  

Our Travel Advisors

This is a team of truly special travel advisors who are dedicated to their work. These people take classes every single week to better educate themselves about the world around them. The travel industry can change quickly and our travel agents are dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends to make sure their clients have the best experiences around the world! 

Our Incredible Support Staff

Want to know what makes us the premier travel agency?! These people! We’re different in that you will have multiple points of contact at The Travel Byrds. After locking in the “bones” of your trip, such as your flights, hotels, and tours, you will begin working with one of our Guest Experience Managers. They will make dinner reservations, spa appointments, find local photographers and so much more. They really shine when it comes to helping you celebrate a special occasion. Whatever you’d like, they’ll make it happen! 

Our Operations Specialists are on the backend helping reconfirm each and every reservation before travel, sending you final payment reminders, and updating the itineraries with changes as they occur. These people will keep you up-to-date and things running smoothly throughout your journey! 

A smiling travel expert in a gray suit against a green background.

Kenneth Liro

Global Operations Manager

A smiling travel expert wearing a black cap and glasses seated at a table in a brightly lit food court.

Sky Rojas

Global Operations Manager


Flora Alampayan

Guest Experience Manager

A smiling woman wearing a pink top sitting at a table, surrounded by travel experts.

Almarie Esmeralda

Guest Experience Manager

A smiling woman with curly hair, a travel expert, standing in a corridor with traditional sculptures and architectural details in the background.

Nessy Castillo

Guest Experience Manager

Woman with long hair smiling in front of a white background.

Perry Cruda

Inside Sales Manager

Vince Global Expert Manager

Vince Labuan

Global Operations Manager

Services Offered by Travel Experts

Our team will never just book your hotel or cruise and leave you to figure the rest. Instead, we take a holistic approach to travel. We will begin by booking the main components, such as the flights, hotels, and tours that need to be booked in advance. Then, as we get closer to the trip, we will put the finishing touches on the experience by making dinner reservations, spa appointments, or setting up a photography session.  

We work with over 60 different tourism boards around the world to better stay upt-date on changes as they’re happening. Whether we’re learning about overcrowded tourist areas, new hot spots, or hidden gems, these relationships have been imperative to the incredible success that The Travel Byrds has experienced over the years. You will notice a distinctive difference in our service compared to other travel agencies.  


Our services vary as to the complexity of your trip, but on average will only cost about $200. This fee covers our time and effort in creating a unique itinerary that fits within your budget and helps you experience everything that will interest you about a particular area.  

Travel agents work off of commission. Airlines do not pay travel agent commission, therefore we typically advise our clients to use their points for flights if possible. The majority of our commission will come from the hotels or cruises, so if you plan to use points for the hotels, we’re happy to still help you curate the rest of your trip, but the fee will be about 10% of the overall cost of the trip, including the going rate for the hotels. Please note, this does not apply to AMEX points that act as reimbursements since your travel agent would still be booking the cruise or hotel.  

We only work with clients that are planning to travel more than 30 days out. Anything sooner than that is unrealistic for our thorough process. We prefer to work with clients that are booking 6-9 months in advance because this allows us the best availability and pricing for our clients. We find we can create the best experiences with this much notice! 

Want to Join Our Team?

Being a Travel Advisor allows you to work from anywhere in the world and completely make your own schedule. You’ll go through a full 12-week training course to not only learn about finding the best deals and creating amazing packages, but also how to expand your network and become a great sales leader. We believe in hand-holding and full support every step of the way to help you achieve success, but we do not hire hobbyists. We only accept those looking to dedicate themselves to this new career!
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