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A Truly Global Travel Agency

As a global luxury travel agency with travel agents in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we love planning completely unique vacations for each of our clients. Because of our partnerships with tourism boards, hotels, and tour operators around the world, our clients have access to amazing complimentary upgrades and perks that are usually only reserved for those frequent flyers!

Our Executive Staff

A travel expert with long curly hair smiling at the camera, wearing a blue top and hoop earrings against a gray background.

Byrd Bergeron

CEO and Extreme Vacation Enthusiast
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A man, identified as one of the travel experts, with neatly combed hair wearing a blue-patterned shirt standing in front of a leafy background.

Dominic Endozo

Director of Global Operations
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Woman smiling in a denim jacket standing in front of a pink brick wall.

Tiffani Emery

Director of Sales
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Our Incredible Support Staff

A smiling travel expert in a gray suit against a green background.

Kenneth Liro

Global Operations Manager

A smiling travel expert wearing a black cap and glasses seated at a table in a brightly lit food court.

Sky Rojas

Global Operations Manager

A smiling woman wearing a pink top sitting at a table, surrounded by travel experts.

Almarie Esmeralda

Guest Experience Manager

A smiling woman with curly hair, a travel expert, standing in a corridor with traditional sculptures and architectural details in the background.

Nessy Castillo

Guest Experience Manager

Woman with long hair smiling in front of a white background.

Perry Cruda

Inside Sales Manager

Want to Join Our Team?

Being a Travel Advisor allows you to work from anywhere in the world and completely make your own schedule. You’ll go through a full 12-week training course to not only learn about finding the best deals and creating amazing packages, but also how to expand your network and become a great sales leader. We believe in hand-holding and full support every step of the way to help you achieve success, but we do not hire hobbyists. We only accept those looking to dedicate themselves to this new career!
Group of travel experts enjoying themselves in the sea, waving at the camera.
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