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The Travel Byrds has quickly become Michigan’s most trusted travel agency due to their uniquely holistic approach to travel. When working with our team, you will first be connected to one of our expert travel agents. They will help you curate the bones of the trip, which includes the flights, hotels, and tours. Our travel agents will present you with a variety of options within your chosen budget and make suggestions to where you could potentially make cuts or indulgences.  

After locking in the main components, you will begin working with our Guest Experience team. They will help answer any pre-trip questions such as tipping, electricity, currency, etc and they will also put the finishing touches on your itinerary such as dinner reservations, spa appointments, local photography sessions, and more!  

Travel agents are commission based and since we don’t make money from the “finishing touches,” most travel agents neglect these very important details. At The Travel Byrds, we believe in an approach that allows us to create truly unique experiences from start to finish! 

Your Top Choice Travel Agency Serving Michigan

As you can see, we’re uniquely dedicated to service. We feel like a customized white glove experience is what makes us different, but we realize that service isn’t enough. Our travel agents are also consistently working on improving their knowledge of popular tourist destinations around the world.

We work closely with over 60 tourism boards to stay on top of the ever-changing travel industry. This allows us to be in the know when a particular city if overcrowded, what the next hot destination is going to be, and those hidden gems that make travel magical.

We also partner with hotels around the world to give our clients a different type of experience. Through these partnerships we can offer amenities that you cannot get directly. We have lower rates on upgraded stays, including breakfasts, spa credits, late checkouts, and so much more. Our partnerships allow us to have connections working in destination in case anything goes wrong and provide you with an extra sense of security when exploring the world.

A travel experience with The Travel Byrds is no ordinary vacation. We will make suggestions along the way to ensure you have a unique and culturally immersive experience while being spoiled all along the way!

Popular Travel Destinations

Most of our clients visit a destination just once in their lifetime. Luckily for you, our travel agents plan trips to the most popular travel destinations multiple times a week. We focus on knowing these areas inside and out. We travel there personally so you can benefit from our first-hand knowledge. We create connections with in-destination partners, so we have “boots on the ground” support if ever needed. Lastly, we regularly attend meetings with the tourism boards to ensure we’re up to date on any changing trends.

When there’s a natural disaster, which inevitably occur, we’re typically some of the first people to know. The tourism boards help us navigate these moments to better keep our clients safe and ensure their vacation experiences are impacted as little as possible. Our primary goal will always be to keep you safe. Our secondary goal will always be to give you memories that you will relish for a lifetime.

Our most popular destinations include Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo, and Bangkok. While these destinations are well-known, we love throwing in some of the smaller towns and villages into itineraries to help you have more immersive experiences. We love setting up dinners and work with private chefs around the world who enjoy educating travelers about how their cuisine impacts their culture. We enjoy suggesting places to find live music, especially from local artists, such as listening to the somber Fado songs of Portugal, or the jubilant jigs often played in small Irish pubs.

Our goal is to leave you with a sense of understanding. Every culture is so different and while the main cities often lure traveler’s to the destinations, we find countries often have so much more to offer if you’re open to it!

Services Offered

We take care of every detail from the hotels to the transfers to the dinner reservations, we make sure none of the details are missed. We’ll even detail out suggested activities during your free time so that you’re not in destination wondering what to do or having to do research! 

We have connections around the world that allow you to experience VIP amenities, such as hotel upgrades, early check-in, onboard credits, and much more. Our goal is to be able to spoil you throughout your experience so you come home with incredible stories that you’re excited to tell! 

If you’re looking to splurge, we can book yachts, villas, and private jets anywhere in the world! If you can dream it, we can make it happen! 

How it Works:

Travel agency offers tours to the Moai statues on the slopes of Rano Raraku, Easter Island.

Pick the Destination & Budget

The average person takes over 11 hours researching their vacation. Take that time back and let us handle the nitty gritty of reading reviews, asking questions, comparing hotels and more.

Three elephants spotted during a travel agency safari walking through a grassy field.

Review the BEST options

After a true deep dive into your requests, your travel agent will come back with a variety of suggested hotels, activities, and surprise experiences. You tell us which ones fit you best and we'll work through the logistics!

Traditional Thai temple complex with golden stupa at sunset, presented by our travel agency.

Receive All of the Details

You’ll be equipped with an itinerary complete with the details of your trip. If anything happens along the way, you can relax knowing your travel agent will take care of everything!

Plan Your Dream Getaway

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