Why Your Next Vacation has to have a “Theme”

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I know what you’re thinking, “themes” are cheesy. Why put thought and effort into a theme? I’m just trying to relax on vacation!!

Taking this one small step when you’re planning your next vacation will help all of the pieces of the puzzle better fit together. You’ll be happy you did so, if you give it a try!!

Don’t limit yourself either. Your theme can be culinary focused, a history excursion, music based, an athletic event, and the list goes on and on. Let your imagination run wild!

Imagine if your next vacation focused on all of the haunted castles in Ireland? Or if it followed the Star Wars filming locations? Or the amazing places the Beatles toured throughout Europe? Or if it focused on culinary and wine experiences with Michelin starred chefs in Italy? Or if you decided to run a marathon while enjoying the views of Yellowstone National Park? The possibilities are endless!!

Here’s the top reasons to take time and consider having a theme on your next vacation:

  1. Purpose

Having a theme will give your trip purpose. It will make you seek a deeper understanding of the culture and help you see connections that you might have otherwise missed. You’re more likely to dive into small aspects of the culture that will relate to your theme. For instance if you are interested in history, you’re probably going to study up on the history of a country prior to visiting. You may realize that their monarchy was intertwined with other countries in the past and it may lead to the theme of your next trip!

If you have a culinary focus, you may start diving into not only the amazing food offerings in the city today, but also all of the amazing food of the past. Cultures have changed their traditional meals over the years and it could lead to a great appreciation of what they’re serving today. You will be able to better identify the influences that foods of the past and other cultures have had on the cuisine of today! You may think you don’t like salted cod, but then after learning of its long history and how it sustained a people for centuries, you are all of a sudden more appreciative of the dish. (Or not, it’s not for everyone! Haha)

  1. Hidden Gems

Since You are taking all of this time to dive into the history and learn more about the culture of a country, you are definitely more likely to find hidden gems along the way. Most people book a flight and a hotel and then they just show up. Granted, there’s something unique about being spontaneous, but there’s no doubt that those people tend to miss out on some of the more unique things that a country may have to offer.

Whenever you have a focus or a theme, you are going to take the time to look into what that destination can offer to your theme. You might find a historical music venue that legends have played out for years but you would have overlooked it because they didn’t have a show going on when you were in town. You might run across a small music festival an hour outside of your destination, that you would not have taken the time to go to, if you weren’t focused on your theme.

Themes can help you discover the little surprising moments along the way, that most people miss if they follow a guidebook. It’s great to go off the beaten path and dive deeper into a particular piece of culture that’s sitting right in front of you!

  1. The More the Merrier

When you have a theme of your trip, you’re more likely to think of other people that you would also enjoy the experience. For instance you’re likely to bring up the trip to a close friend that you know also has an interest in the theme that you’ve chosen. Everyone knows that it’s more fun to travel with people than solo, even though I truly believe those solo excursions help you find yourself.

When you decide on a theme, you’ll get more excited about the trip and want to talk about it more often. Let’s say You’ve decided to go biking across the Alps. Your friend back home loves biking and goes on adventures with you often. You’re more likely to think it appropriate to ask her to come along, even if you’ve never vacationed with this person before. Vacations are always more fun with friends!

Too much work?!?

Does this whole process of choosing a theme and doing the research and making the plan just sound overwhelming to you? That’s where we come in! We’re more than happy to work with you and choose a theme, to all the research for you, and put together an itinerary that will make you truly excited to experience the theme of your vacation! Themes help create a different type of experience and not just a vacation!


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