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Ohio’s Premier Travel Planning Experts

The Travel Byrd’s has become Ohio’s premier travel agency focusing on bucket-list getaways. We work with families and couples from all around Ohio to make their visions come to life through a unique process that allows our travel agents to create immersive and memorable vacation experiences.  

Your travel agent will meet with you to fully understand your needs, what excites you, and your desired budget. Then, they will dive into hours of research to ensure they’re presenting you with the absolute best options available within your budget. We look to stretch every dollar and choose indulgences that truly have an impact on the overall experience. Then, we take care of all of the logistics, so you can focus on daydreaming. In Ohio, if you’re looking for a travel agency that truly wants to take the time to curate something unique for your special getaway, we’re your agency! 

We are the Top Choice Travel Agency

Our dedicated team of Ohio travel advisors work tirelessly with tourism boards around the world to ensure we’re always on top of the latest trends. If there’s an area that has become overrun with tourists, we’re always armed with information about the next best thing. If there’s a national holiday, we’re plugged in and know which dates to avoid or prioritize to ensure you have the best travel experiences.  

You may visit a country once in your life, but we plan trips around the world every single day. This consistency allows us to stay better informed and create better travel experiences for each of our clients.  

Popular Travel Destinations

Our Ohio Travel advisors are lucky to have visited many of the international destinations we plan most often. Having this first-hand experience allows us to better advise you throughout the process.  

For instance, if you’re looking to save some cash in London, a very expensive destination, our advisors will talk to you about taking the Heathrow Express from the airport versus shelling out hundreds for a private transfer. They have had this experience and will be able to explain exactly what you need to do to enjoy this efficient service without the stress! 

On the other hand, if you have wiggle room in your budget and want to splurge in Tokyo, they’ll connect you to the private Michel-starred chef we work with for a Kobe beef tasting experience where each course is artfully paired with an amazing sake.  

We know how to take your budget and make the most out of every dollar to give you the luxurious travel experience you deserve.  

Services Offered

We are not the type of travel agency that will leave you to fend for yourself in anyway. We are the premier travel agency in Ohio because we love going above and beyond for our clients. Every small logistical detail from flights, to transfers, to trains will be artfully handled by your travel advisor.   

Often, travel agencies will book a cruise or hotel and leave the rest to you because that is where they make the most of their commission. The Travel Byrds knows that the experience is about so much more. We are here to guide you through every last detail down to your dinner reservations each night.  

The Travel Byrds has become Ohio’s favorite travel agency because our proprietary Guest Experience team is focused on YOU. After you book the “bones” of your trip, such as your flights, hotels, and tours, you will be introduced to one of our Guest Experience Managers. This person oversees answering any questions you may have as well as putting the finishing touches on your trip. They will book dinner reservations, spa appointments, photographers, and much more. Whatever you want, we’ll make it happen!  

If you’re someone who likes to fly by the seat of your pants versus being fully scheduled, we will instead add suggestions to your itinerary, so if you do want an incredible dinner close to your hotel, you won’t be stuck doing research while you’re trying to enjoy the destination!  

How it Works:

Travel agency offers tours to the Moai statues on the slopes of Rano Raraku, Easter Island.

Pick the Destination & Budget

The average person takes over 11 hours researching their vacation. Take that time back and let us handle the nitty gritty of reading reviews, asking questions, comparing hotels and more.

Three elephants spotted during a travel agency safari walking through a grassy field.

Review the BEST options

After a true deep dive into your requests, your travel agent will come back with a variety of suggested hotels, activities, and surprise experiences. You tell us which ones fit you best and we'll work through the logistics!

Traditional Thai temple complex with golden stupa at sunset, presented by our travel agency.

Receive All of the Details

You’ll be equipped with an itinerary complete with the details of your trip. If anything happens along the way, you can relax knowing your travel agent will take care of everything!

Plan Your Dream Getaway

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