The Most Iconic Luxury Train Rides You Must Experience

A scenic view of a train journey through rolling hills with a caption that reads "the most iconic luxury train rides you must experience.

There is something enchanting about train rides. Sitting by the window as the train chugs alongside attractive vistas that unfold before your eyes, preferably with a glass of wine in hand. From the Canadian Rockies to the Italian countryside, here are our picks for the most iconic, luxury train rides.

Cruise through the Scottish Highlands on the Royal Scotsman & Jacobite Steam Train

Spotting fluffy white sheep on rolling green hills, exploring historic cities, and sipping fine Scottish whisky are just tastes of what you’re in for on a luxury train ride through Scotland.

This is a tour for any curious traveler looking for a cultural experience among lush landscapes. You’ll enjoy time exploring Edinburgh’s iconic Old Town, walking up the Royal Mile with its bagpipe players, and finding hidden corners and the Edinburgh Castle at the top of the street.

This luxury train ride will then take you onboard the superior Royal Scotsman to begin an extraordinarily scenic journey through some of the most stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Expect refined wooden decor with subtle tartan details, 5-star 24-hour service, entertainment cabins, fantastic meals, and an open bar as you enjoy two days onboard.

Pass legendary places packed to the brim with history. See Highlander towns and Scotland’s highest point, walk through the Cairngorms National Park and spot local wildlife, see the location of an 18th-century battle that changed Scotland forever, and visit one of the world’s oldest distilleries. You’ll experience doses of Scottish beauty through every part of this luxury train journey in Scotland.

Then, gather on board for one of Great Britain’s most spectacular train rides. The Jacobite Steam Train is world-famous, as it and the impressive Glenfinnan Viaduct were once featured in Harry Potter, en route to Hogwarts. On the train, you’ll pass tranquil lochs and lush mountains until reaching the village of Mallaig.

This luxury train ride in Europe offers a unique and exciting vacation experience. Revel in the beauty of Scotland, its history, and its culture through the comfort and style of both the Royal Scotsman and Jacobite Steam Train.

Experience the style of Paris, Venice, and Rome on the Simplon-Orient-Express

Comb through three of Europe’s most fascinating cities and voyage through France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy along the way. Sweeping views of the Swiss Alps, Italian Dolomites, and other mesmerizing landscapes will glide past your windowsill on this luxury train ride in Europe.

The Simplon-Orient-Express is all about elegance – much like the cities that you visit through the journey. Rooms are classically stylish, the cuisine is excellent, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a different time.

Along the way, check out the highlights of Paris like the Eiffel Tower and a show at the world-famous Moulin Rouge. Cruise past the lush Swiss Alps, boasting some of the world’s best train ride views in the world. See the sharp and rugged Dolomites as your chug toward Venice for gondola rides, delicious cuisine, and romantic walks.

Arrive in Rome and revel in the history of this ancient city. Drop a coin in the Trevi Fountain, stop for gelato and pasta, tour the Colosseum, visit the Vatican, see the Sistine Chapel, and explore the best of the Eternal City.

This is one of the best train rides through Europe, offering up some of the most incredible must-have experiences in Western Europe.

Explore the Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver

A luxurious journey through the majestic Canadian Rockies offers one of the best train rides in North America. If you’re looking for layers of natural beauty and excellent national parks, this is an incredibly worthwhile experience.

You’ll have extraordinary scenery unfolding on either side of the cabin as you embark from Vancouver heading toward Calgary. The Rocky Mountaineer offers gourmet cuisine, expansive windows, viewing platforms, and cozy areas. You’ll feel immersed within the Canadian wilderness as your cruise from one destination to the next.

There are no nights spent on board as you’ll be offboarding into charming destinations with more time to explore instead. As you leave Vancouver for Kamloops, enjoy the wide vistas of Fraser Valley, glide through dreamy forests, and wind along river canyons, all the while admiring the surrounding peaks of both the Coast and Cascade Mountains.

You’ll also get to spend time in Banff – one of Canada’s most spectacular destinations for nature. Take a tour of the area to see the clear and crystally waters of Lake Louise, Victoria Glacier, and Moraine Lake. Also, witness the Takakkaw Falls, reaching heights of almost 1,000 ft. Pristine beauty in every crevice!

If you’re looking for a nature-filled, luxury train ride closer to home, a ride through the Canadian Rockies is hard to beat. Plus, with time in stylish Vancouver, it offers a bit of city life culture, too!

Journey from Switzerland to Italy via the Glacier and Bernina Express Trains

Offering unbeatable views and medieval cities, a train journey from historic Basel to the floating city of Venice is one of the best. Plus, you’ll be on board two excellent trains, celebrated for their beautiful routes and onboard allure.

See the magnificent mountains of Switzerland, wander the picturesque mountain village of Zermatt with backdrops of the iconic Matterhorn Mountain. To get those perfect Matterhorn views, board the highest open-air railway in Europe, the Gornergrat rack railway. From there, the Glacier Express winds its way to St. Moritz offers cascading views, gorgeous viaducts, lakeside charm, and luxury travel. To get to Venice, cross through the Alps and rolling countryside views onboard the Bernina Express. Spend the rest of your time enjoying Italian cuisine, art museums, and gondola rides in this charming seaside city of Venice.

If you love mountain views and cultural destinations in Europe, this may just be the luxury train ride for you.

Plan the train trip of a lifetime! Whether you want luxury or laid-back experiences, our expert travel consultants are waiting to make your trip a reality. Reach out today for a free consultation!



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